Candicci's Catering Services - St. Louis, MO

A premier caterer in the St. louis area!

Providing catering services to the St. Louis metro area! After more than 35 years we have learned the importance of timely delivery and remaining on budget. Most importantly, we strive the make the customer happy with us as we are regarded as one of the premier caterers in the St. Louis area.

One of our catering specialties is weddings. It’s your special day and we understand how important this day is to you, your spouse and your family. We are here to guarantee timely delivery and remain on budget.


Marriage and employment anniversaries are important stepping stones in life. We understand how important these events are to the honored guests. We guarantee satisfaction.

Family Functions

These types of events can cover a multitude of celebrations or even times of mourning. We understand and guarantee that we will create the type of event that is important to so many loved ones.

Corporate Events/Functions

We have catered for some of the largest companies in the St. Louis metro area. We know the importance of staying on schedule and remain on budget. We guarantee satisfaction!

Candicci's Catering Services, St. louis, mo

Providing catering services to the St. Louis area for more than 35 years!
St. Louis Catering Services

Bob Candice, manager of Candicci's Restaurant and Bar in Ballwin, MO has been providing catering services to the St. Louis metro area for more than 35 years. Whether you want Italian cuisine, American cuisines, pizza or even BBQ we can prepare a menu that will make your event a success. We guarantee to be timely, on budget and most importantly, to make you look great for picking Candicci's Catering Services. We are the only caterer that you will ever need in the St. Louis metro area.

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